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How much can I earn in cash rewards?
How much can I earn in cash rewards?
Updated over a week ago

The amount you earn every month may include 3 types of Vital cash rewards:

  1. Unlimited cash back — All Vital community members earn, at minimum, a flat unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Members do NOT need to participate in sharing to qualify for cash back.

    When you refer friends and family toVital Card, you can unlock up to 3% cash back on all purchases for 3-month periods. To learn more about additional cash back, reference your program agreements.

  2. Credit health rewards — All Vital community members are eligible to receive credit health rewards for good credit behavior. Refer to your program agreements for more information about credit health rewards.

  3. Referral rewards — Every month, a percentage of the Vital community’s total spend goes back to members who successfully refer friends and family (Vital Connections) to Vital Card. The more people you successfully sign up — and the more people they sign up, and the more people they sign up — the higher your Vital Score becomes, and the higher the percentage of referral rewards you’re eligible to receive each month. For eligibility and details regarding referral rewards, please see your program agreements.

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